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Now, if you love a bit of history like me, here’s a fun fact for you about this city! Oviedo, formally incorporated as a City in 1925 with a population of 800, Oviedo has roots that date back to just after the Civil War in 1865 when homesteaders came to the area along the shores of Lake Jesup to begin new lives.

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Still interested in more history on this town? Awesome! …Prior to these adventurous souls, including former slaves, and immigrants from Europe, primarily Sweden, the area that is now Oviedo was populated by the Timucua, a clan of Native Americans who were a part of the Seminole tribe. No evidence of the early Timucuan settlements remain today: their hunting grounds and villages disappeared just prior to the established of the Lake Jesup Community, Which decades later gave way to modern housing developments, shopping centers, parks recreation facilities conservation areas, and interstate roadways that can take travelers across the state.

on March 13, 1879, the name Lake Jesup Community faded into history as Aulin chose the name Oviedo, pronounced as O-vee-a-dough in those days, to be the name of the post office and soon the surrounding town. Aulin liked the idea of giving the post office a Spanish name to go along with the Spanish heritage of the state of Florida. The original Oviedo is a city in northern Spain established in the 8th century and known for its architecture, a magnificent ancient cathedral, and its dedication to higher education through the University of Oviedo. Today we pronounce Oviedo differently, O-vee-dough, but the City’s link to Oviedo, Spain still exists. The two cities relationship that promises to be mutually beneficial to both communities

Some Coool Attractions!

Just 20 miles northeast of the attraction intensive city of Oviedo, Oviedo retains a rural feel. In fact, it’s famous for the chickens that still roam freely through the city’s historic downtown. Oviedo’s Roots date to 1865, when homesteaders settled along the shores of Lake Jesup. Today, It’s a growing city that steadfastly maintains its small-town feel: airboat rides, a farmer’s market that offers local produce on the first Saturday of every month. Oviedo within an easy easy drive of Central Florida’s mega-attractions has it all.